For the comfort and convenience of patients, UHO occupies an inviting, comforting and beautiful office which was exclusively designed to facilitate the delivery of comprehensive and compassionate oncology and hematology services.

UHO‘s expansive office includes on-site imaging services, a laboratory, a beautifully designed and spacious chemotherapy suite with private rooms and a library full of educational references for our patients and their families.

In addition, UHO offers many supportive services, a corner stone in fighting cancer.

  • CLIA-certified laboratory
  • In office infusion services
  • Lectures are held periodically to keep patients up-to-date with recent developments and available treatments.

Genetic Counseling


The purpose of genetic counseling is to assess cancer risk.

For patients who have already been diagnosed with cancer, and have a family history of cancer, genetic counseling may help identify you as a specific “cancer gene” carrier. In some cases genetic counseling may provide you with information regarding your chance of developing other types of cancer.

Genetic counseling will help your family members understand their risk of developing cancer, and will teach them not only how to reduce risks, but also identify surveillance strategies.

The Ferre Institute — A Genetic Counseling Program

Upstate Hematology Oncology has invited Ferre Genetics to provide genetic counseling to our patients and their families in our office on a regular basis.

Ferre Genetics is a non-profit organization established in Binghamton, New York in 1974. The organization is dedicated to quality services in human genetics. It has delivered the most current and balanced medical information about human genetics to 1.5 million patient and their families.

The genetic counseling program of Ferre Genetics has been recognized nationally for its innovative approach to providing “community genetics”.

Community genetics integrates the advances of the Human Genome Project into primary health care, and brings new information and options to individuals and their families in the community where they live and work.

Genetic counselors help patients, their families and medical providers understand the very complicated science of genetics as it applies to them and their decisions.

To schedule a consultation with the genetic counselors of Ferre Genetics please contact the staff at Ferre Genetics directly at 607-724-4308.